I’ve decided to create a bullet journal to start tracking and documenting some things. It takes a lot of preparation, and I generally have a hard time being creative out of thin air, so I’m really motivated by the creative opportunities this journal creates in my life!

Over the past few months (this post is backdated) I’ve been sharing my spreads with my friends on Discord and figured I might as well resurrect my dead website to document my process and results here. This won’t be one of those ‘Pinstabook Perfect’ journaling blogs, because well… I’m just not that talented of an artist! Joking aside (because I’m actually really fabulous, as you’ll soon see), I actually put far more value in my journal being me, mistakes and all. Each page reflects a part of my creative process and learning to let go of my need for perfection is actually part of why I’m embracing my own creativity in this way.

I’m only doing monthly spreads and want to track just a few things daily. I don’t need to use it as a calendar, I use an application called TickTick for that, so that takes a lot of the pressure off.

Exercise tracking is done in a ‘year in pixels’ spread, alongside a list of 10 body positive reasons to exercise. I’m including my mega-irregular period tracking in the exercise tracker, because it’s so infrequent since I’ve got an IUD that it’s honestly not worth spending a whole page on.

My health hasn’t been the best for the past few years, so it is important to me to define what ‘living healthy’ means to me beyond just the physical part. I’ve included a yearly chart for blood pressure and weight tracking as well, but I didn’t photopgraph it. It’s just a chart, nothing exciting about just a page with horizontal and vertical lines.

What i’m hoping to get out of this journal is to track symptoms to see patterns, as well as gain some mindfulness and motivation to stay on track and work towards my goals. I look forward to sharing my journey with you here and I hope you get something positive out of it for yourself also.