Ironically I chose to use exactly ZERO watercolours for September in my brand new watercolour bullet journal. Instead I chose to go with a minimalist theme, just to see if I could make it interesting somehow.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Clare Boothe Luce

I had a little ‘oopsie’ on the quote page while erasing my pencil lines, but after some careful application of correction fluid that little disaster was all but forgotten.

There really isn’t much to say about these pages, other than ‘less is more’. I tried to really narrow it down to the absolute minimum of what’s needed to get the point across, and I think it worked out well.

These are the only pages this month on which I used colour, because I couldn’t figure out a way to indicate multiple things on single days without it getting super messy.

Fun fact: this photo was taken before I realised I accidentally forgot to add ‘sport’. Also, there is no real reason why the page is the only one in Dutch. It just… happened.

I ended up filling this page out last each evening, because the ink would dry too slowly and stain the opposite page. It was very satisfying to colour these little circles every night though, I’m very pleased with how this worked out, even if drawing 240 little circles was much, much worse than drawing 31 individual bees.

It was between this system with the + and – keys, or using ↑ and ↓ to indicate how I am doing every day. In the end I decided on this for consistency, because I didn’t know how to indicate the neutral option in the middle with arrows. It worked out great I think!

This way of tracking my mood was basically what made me want to do a minimalist theme to begin with. It’s just so cool and simple and clean looking to see all the parallel lines of different lengths. I ended up drawing the lines in batches and just indicating at night with a dot at the right length, but now that it’s done it looks great!

I found it a bit redundant to write twice in my journal over the past months. Both the positivity and ‘one line a day’ parts have their own purpose and I do value that still, but it seemed silly to have several pages with basically just lines to write on. That is why this month I chose to conflate the two into one single category and turn the line a day into three key words a day. I still journal what happened, but without having to write it all out. I’m very pleased with this concept and will be adopting it for future spreads!