The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


This optional boss came as quite the surprise to me and ended up posing a real challenge. I’ve been told that I was pretty under-leveled for this boss at level 30, but I desperately wanted to get through it, because I felt it would teach me so much about the game.

That assumption was right. It was the first boss that I actually theory-crafted for. I figured out that I should have a fast roll, so I took off my armor. I used the Crest Shield for it’s passive magic defense. I started two handing my weapon, that I chose for it’s bleed effect and upgraded to +5 before the fight. And most of all I learned how to fight something without locking on.

I spent 6 hours and innumerable deaths (was the main reason I gave up on having a death counter) spread out over 2 play sessions on this fight before I was finally victorious and as usual my emotions at the end are unmistakably audible.

This was broadcast on 1 and 8 April, 2018.


Dark Souls boss fight: Stray Demon