The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.


This boss fight kind of… happened. As a bit of backstory, you should know that I was invaded by a viewer right before this. You can still see the invader at the beginning of the clip below. In my panic of seeing the invasion message, I summoned someone to help protect me. The invader luckily ended up not being out to slaughter me, but then I was stuck with the two and when they started fighting, I ran into the fog door to stop them from killing each other. Basically it was all a hot mess.

The fight itself seemed fun, but unfortunately it was over before I knew it, because we had so much damage output together. I would have loved figuring it out on my own, but it is what it is.

As a sidenote: please don’t invade me on stream. It takes the fun out of it for me and it’s not the way I’d like to play my game.

This was broadcast on 12 May, 2018.


Dark Souls boss fight: Moonlight Butterfly