Trigger warning: the content of this post may contain sensitive topics, including homelessness, auto-mutilation and drug abuse.

Judgement was born the illicit child of a tiefling prostitute named Romaia Araki. She was conceived after her mother was raped by a customer. Her mother never told Judgement the details about what happened exactly. All she knows about him is that he was a rich Dragonborn and that she has hated him and his kind her entire life.

The golden scales, reminiscent of my draconic bloodline, litter my skin in the most embarrassing places. On my cheeks and chin, the smoothness of the red skin I inherited from my beautiful mother is intersected with the rough scales that my ‘father’ cursed me with. My eyes are lined with scales. They itch every time I blink, but I try not to pick them.
My horns are wound tightly on the side of my temple, protruding from the red and golden scaled skin on my forehead. My long hair, that I tuck behind my horns, is straight and dark of colour. Streaks of maroon intermingle with the black strands. My solid golden eyes are accented by fierce thin eyebrows that are almost permanently scrunched into a frown.

When Judgement was 12, her beloved mother was murdered in her own bed. Judgement found her body as she got home for dinner, beaten and naked, which was a deeply traumatising experience. Due to her race and profession, authorities never looked much into the crime and she was buried in an unnamed grave. Judgement carries an old picture with her to remember her mother by.

After her mother’s death she changed her birth name Mirra to her current moniker and ended up on the streets of Port Cassia. Judgement became quite self destructive, as is evident by the scars on her arms from self inflicted knife wounds. She tried drowning out the emotional pain by picking up a drug habit that she supported by running errands for her drug dealer.

Last year she finally hit rock bottom. Her wounded arms were seeping pus, she hadn’t eaten in days and was laying high and barely conscious in a gutter. When an older street dweller, as they call themselves, found Judgement she brought her ‘home’ to her dwelling under a bridge. Her name is Oriwala and she kept Judgement safe and fed as she went through drug withdrawal for two weeks. They’ve since fallen out of touch, but despite being vindictive and untrusting towards the world, Judgement will forever be grateful for Oriwala’s help, as it’s unlikely she would have survived otherwise.

Throughout her life there were instances in which Judgement would suddenly burst into flames that could hurt others, but not herself. These episodes would normally happen when she got overwhelmed with emotions and it took her years to understand that this was related to her draconic bloodline. She’s had a hard time accepting this legacy from her ‘father’ and fought against these urges at first. Over the past year, she’s started practising a bit to learn how to control these outbursts and although she is still not yet fully in control of her magic, at least it’s not entirely involuntary and based around her emotions any more.

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