The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


This lady confused me so much! It took two attempts for me to kill her, but afterwards it became clear to me that I it hadn’t been strictly necessary. Oh well, water under the bridge now, she’s expired.

I loved the mechanics of this fight. There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing that boss’ health bar, but not being able to actually see the boss. It also completely negated the option of parrying or blocking, or at least that’s what I decided halfway through the final fight. Her damage was manageable though and I figured out that I could make her visible by hitting her, so I just swung around my halberd and hoped for the best. It worked out for me, but I did learn that a halberd did not serve me well in obtaining whatever it is that was hidden in her tail.

Before the fight, I saw messages about having to cut off her tail. I still don’t know how to do that, because as soon as I hit it, she became agro on me. I guess you have to just one-hit it to get it…? I wonder how much damage is required for that!

Another thing I never figured out was the mist that she blows. As you can see in the video, that shows both my attempts, she blows her fairy dusty snowness midway through the fight and I comment on it, but she doesn’t turn invisible. No clue as to what that does, still.

Lastly, a somewhat funny thing to look for while watching this video is that I took a moss to counter bleed buildup after the bleed had already struck. GG Lisa!

This was broadcast on 30 June, 2018.


Dark Souls boss fight: Crossbreed Priscilla