The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


I underestimated this fight a bit. I figured that, since it is essentially a stray demon, I’d had enough practise to do this in one attempt. I was wrong.

Right before the fight I was raided by another channel, which caught me off guard, so that didn’t help with my focus. I had to try several times before finally killing the boss. I’ve chosen to only show the last attempt in the video below.

The video starts with me saying ‘bye’ at the monsters that chased me after running from the bonfire. I also reply to a viewer who offered to help me in co-op and asked for my co-op password. I think I was a bit snippy with my reply because I was running into the boss room. Whoops!

The interference that you hear 30 seconds into the video is an audio bug in my capture card that I have yet to resolve. If anyone might have an idea on what causes it, then please let me know! It annoys me to no end.

The editing of this video was done mostly live on stream. I hope you enjoy the end result!

This was broadcast on 14 July, 2018.


Dark Souls boss fight: Demon Firesage