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This fight was so fun! Some people refer to this boss as ‘the Bed of Bullshit’, largely due to difficulties in the production process that ended up showing in sloppy game design.

[…] Deadlines were closing in and I couldn’t get a good mental image of what I wanted, but we had to settle on something. Those situations were the hardest because I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t express what I wanted and couldn’t give a solution. That was difficult, both for me and for the artists I was working with. I suppose the Bed of Chaos is the principal example of this.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, Dark Souls director/producer

One way this affects the gameplay would be the fact that a lot of the fight revolves around unpreventable damage via RNG, like the sweeping hands. However, since I went in blind everything was equally difficult and intimidating to me.

What I loved about it is the amount of theorizing that I needed to do in order to understand the fight. It’s kind of like a puzzle, made of three main parts and a bunch of additional difficulties, that you need to figure out before you can actually defeat the boss. I had loads of fun and didn’t really get annoyed or frustrated, so it’s okay in my book!

This was broadcast on 15 July, 2018.

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Dark Souls boss fight: Bed of Chaos