The first episode of our podcast ‘Skippable Cutscenes’ is out! Listen to the preview here and click the button to listen to the complete episode.

Episode one starts after an unaired pilot episode in which a small group of adventurers finds itself helping the Port Cassia guard drive away a marauding band of possum pirates. A number of people have fallen ill from the poison which was used on the possum pirates weaponry and the party has been sent to the edge of the forest in search of blacklace root for an antidote.

Will they succeed in their mission, or will their curiosity get the better of them?

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Our DM is dewtroid and by the end of this episode, the party consists of the following members:

  • Vera, a human bard, played by Merisa
  • Step, a golden golem, played by Will
  • Gilly, a half-orc druid, played by ZombieCleo

Starting from the next episode, my character Judgement will be introduced to the party before we set out on our adventure together as a group.

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D&D: Skippable Cutscenes – EP01