After a harrowing experience, Judgement joins the party. Listen to the preview here and click the button to listen to the complete episode.


Some time ago, Judgement was approached by a local street gang to be on a small team to steal from a wealthy dragonborn arcane engineer. He apparently has numerous works of valuable art and a number of engineering prototypes that could sell well.

The team is able to effortlessly infiltrate his estate and get into his research laboratory, when suddenly Judgement feels a painful impact on the back of her head as she slips out of consciousness. She wakes up in a metallic wire cage with her hands bound in steel shackles with the dragonborn staring at her, or the device she’s strapped in to, and taking notes.

He explains, though more at her than to her as he doesn’t seem recognize any personhood in Judgement and seems more like he’s just going through the motions out of habit; that this machine, if successful will magically transport her from the cage she’s in to the other one on the other side of the room. If unsuccessful, like all the previous tests, he’ll have quite the bloody mess to clean up.

Then it all makes sense; the whole plan was a setup! The reason Judgement’s here is that no one cares about her, and no-one will miss her if she disappears.

The dragonborn activates the machine using a lever on the front of the cage. Judgement feels a sharp pain and sees arcs of lightning coursing through the cage and her body. Suddenly she can see fire, and she hears a blood-curdling scream as the skin on the dragonborn starts to burn away from intense heat, collapsing into a carbonized pile of dust on the floor. The lightning arcs consolidate into a single wide beam filling the entire cage as parts fly off of the machine, and everything goes black.

What happens next is detailed in episode 2 of ‘Skippable Cutscenes’.

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Our DM is dewtroid and by the end of this episode, the party consists of the following members:

  • Vera, a human bard, played by Merisa
  • Step, a golden golem, played by Will
  • Gilly, a half-orc druid, played by ZombieCleo
  • Judgement, a tiefling dragonborn sorceress, played by me!

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D&D: Skippable Cutscenes – EP02