The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


During my attempts on Gwyn my neighbours decided to start fighting loudly in the street, so I actually had to interrupt the stream to call the police. Fun! It sounded like it was an unsafe situation though and after they’d restored the peace I was able to continue.

My first few attempts were ‘traditional’, in the sense that it was with light gear and optimized to dodge. I didn’t trust myself to parry and didn’t even try to do it until the final few attempts on the fight.

My strategy was to wear Havel’s armour to soak up his damage, so it would buy me time to heal and attack without dying in two hits. I added the Wolf Ring for additional poise. I used the Bloodshield +10 to block and negate the first hit of damage and finally added Iron Flesh for yet more defense and poise.

People kept telling me to “just parry” and that I was stupid for using the spell and/or armour, but I’m glad I persisted, because it worked out for me. Also, while searching for links to add to this post, I found out that apparently it’s even the first strategy mentioned on the Wiki page about him, so apparently it wasn’t so silly after all! Backseating sucks yo.

You can hear me gasp audibly in the video right before the final hit connects. I realized right then that I had beaten him and that the game was finally over. As of writing this, four days later, I still haven’t come down from the high that I felt in that moment.

I decided to let this video drag on a bit longer to include my (excruciatingly loud) joy and celebration afterwards, as well as the final cutscene. What isn’t included in this video is my response to the end credits. I sobbed like a child, simply because I had finally finished the game. It was embarassing, because I felt super unprofessional for it, but I also know it’s beautiful to see such raw realness in a streamer and I am glad I was able to share that vulnerable moment with my viewers.

I started this playthrough on 22 January and finished it 203 days later. I have spent 122 hours streaming it and we have even had to remake my character halfway through my playthrough because of DS:R coming out. I am incredibly proud of myself for finishing this game mostly blindly, which nobody can take away from me anymore. Fuck yeah!*

This was broadcast on 12 August, 2018.

* I really do say fuck far too often…


Note: This video contains a lot of swearing and a lot of clipped audio. I did my best to improve it as well as I could, but it may still be painful to listen to at times. Apologies!

Dark Souls boss fight: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder