The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


I totally underestimated this fight at first, so it took me a good night’s sleep to gather myself and kill the Crystal Sage. It helped me figure out a strategy in which I focussed on running back to the middle to quickly dispose of his clones. Luckily I soon found out they die in one hit, so I could go back to the actual boss to whack a sword in his face until he died!

How I managed to stay alive during the moment I lived with a sliver of health is beyond me. It was definitely luck more than skill haha!

Towards the end of the video you’ll hear some crackling noise. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s a sound my capture card makes sometimes. Annoying, but harmless.

This was broadcast on 22 September, 2018.


Dark Souls III boss fight: Crystal Sage