The party loots the dead and moves on. Listen to a preview here and click the button to listen to the complete episode.

After the fight with Varis and the hunters guild, the group gathers their loot and gets back to the Love Cookie as quickly as possible. Step finds innovative ways to undress humanoids, Judgement volunteers to perform a cremation, Gilly tends to her Jimmy* and Vera speaks with a guy called Donny.

* ‘Jimmy’ refers to a non-recorded mistake, where I messed up the word ‘joey’ (what baby kangaroos are called) and call it ‘jimmy’.

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Our DM is dewtroid, the party consists of the following members:

  • Vera, a human bard, played by Merisa
  • Step, a golden golem, played by Will
  • Gilly, a half-orc druid, played by ZombieCleo
  • Judgement, a tiefling dragonborn sorceress, played by me!

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D&D: Skippable Cutscenes – EP10