The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


This fight is yet another prime example of how I achieve success in souls games. I’d given this fight a few attempts the previous day and had been unable to progress very much on it, so I’d ended the stream and got back to it the next day. Due to me needing to record a few episodes for the Skippable Cutscenes podcast that evening, I did a quick stream during the day. I killed this boss on my first attempt that morning.

I started with upgrading the scythe because I was keen on trying it out on Abyss Watchers to see if the moveset works well for me. I didn’t expect to win right away (as can be noticed by my remarks in the video), so I went in with an air of “nothing can hurt me right now” and confidence in my step.

My phase one strategy evolved throughout the previous attempts, in which I realised I could just keep running around and have them kill themselves off without me having to get involved. At the start of this final attempt, I remarked that “I kinda want to see if I can just… fight them”, but end up going back to my proven method of running around for several minutes.

In the second phase I attempted to stay close to him to learn his moves so I could dodge them more effectively. A big concern that I was focusing on was to try and make him bleed with the scythe, which (looking back) didn’t seem to happen. However, just whacking him over the head whenever I could proved to be enough and you can hear the surprise in my voice as I land the final blow. Slow and steady wins the race again!

This was broadcast on 7 October, 2018.


Dark Souls III boss fight: Abyss Watchers