The content of this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen/played the game.

You can read my thoughts about the fight in the ‘spoiler’ section below:


This boss, man… this boss. What a troll! When I first found him, I kinda just wanted to brute force my way through the fight. Been there, done that, hack, slash, rinse, repeat.. done! After all, he’s just a demon, right? Wrong.

Here’s a little bonus video showing you my second attempt, a week before actually killing him. Take note especially of his health right at the end of the video. (best seen in full screen)

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After coming back to him the week after, I took it a bit slower and more deliberate. Paying attention to his moves paid off and resulted in me killing him on the second attempt of the day. That’ll teach me to take bosses serious the first time!

This was broadcast on 20 October, 2018.


Dark Souls III boss fight: Old Demon King