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After the Yhorm fight I was whisked away by Emma, who I found laying on the floor in Lothric castle (or ‘church’ as I kept calling it). The situation kinda freaked me out, but when I finally spoke to her she died and I received the Basin of Vows, of which the description reads:

Chalice used in old ceremony in which Lothric Knights take their vows. It is only a formality now, but it remains as empty a practice.
Place this basin at the statue of a beheading knight.

I spent the next 10 minutes looking at every statue in the area, except the one right in front of me, but I eventually found it and got to meet Dancer.

Having seen Dancer before in someone’s stream I recognized her in the cutscene. I even noted that her weapons reminded me of the Gold Tracer that Dark Souls’ Ciaran wields.

The fight itself was pretty disorientating to me, with all the whirling and spinning she does. Staying locked on turned out to be pretty helpful to me for that.

Halfway into my third attempt I realized I should be dodging more, rather than relying on my shield so much. Telling myself to play a little more aggressively came during the fourth attempt.

Dancer’s grab attack caused quite a few lost attempts, so for my seventh attempt, I embered up to be left with a bit more health after she slammed me down. Whether it was this decision or just me learning the fight better, I don’t know, but I finally managed to kill her that time.

This was broadcast on 28 October, 2018.


Dark Souls III boss fight: Dancer of the Boreal Valley
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