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Upon first seeing the area I was going to fight the Dragonslayer Armour in, I figured he would be ‘some kind of frilly boss’, based off of the butterflies I could see. Of course he turned out to be anything but that!

My first attempt was great, I almost killed him right away, but died with only about 10% of his health left. This encouraged me a lot, so I went in for the following attempts in great spirits.

I’d found a message stating that he’s vulnerable against frost damage, so I equiped my Irithyll Straight Sword and started wailing on him. This was a fun fight, I mentioned. It felt very instinctive and as I was sipping on some wine, I felt really good about it.

As the attempts progressed, that attitude faded. I stopped drinking, and stopped using embers for a while, because I couldn’t kill him and felt like I was wasting them. Then around my tenth attempt I noticed that he was eating my dodges and my inputs got stored.

The frustration set in; big time. I raged a bit about the fight not being fair if I couldn’t control my dodges and decided to go full tank mode, with the Winged Knight armour. When he threw me off of the bridge on my twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth attempt, I almost lost it.

Then finally someone asked whether I would like some pointers. I agreed and a viewer suggested that I should take off the heavy armour to preserve stamina and go to a dodgy build. I picked out some lightning resist pieces, changed out my rings and went in. I was sceptical and very concerned with my looks but finally… on my fifteenth attempt, I finally killed him.

This was broadcast on 3 November, 2018.


Dark Souls III boss fight: Dragonslayer Armour
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