I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while now. Doing a Let’s Play that is,” is how I started my very first Minecraft video on YouTube in 2012. Not long after that I found out about the benefits of livestreaming and switched my attention to Twitch to start building my community there. It’s amazing to me that some of the people who first joined me in this adventure seven years ago are still with me. Those loyal friends and all of the new friends I made along the way are what makes my community great and I am thankful for their unwavering support.

Now I’ve chosen to take the community to the next level and commit myself to giving back. For years creating entertainment was a casual thing for me that I would do whenever I feel like it. My community has stuck by me regardless and it’s time to show them I’m as serious about them as they are about me.

While Twitch has been amazing for initially building my community, Mixer has proven to be at least as valuable to expanding it. Since it also provides a better technical platform that I use to embed the stream on my website, I’m not ready to give up on either platform. This eliminates the possibility to be affiliated with Twitch, as the Twitch Affiliate Agreement demands exclusivity rights over my content if I choose to be affiliated with them.

In order to be able to offer my most loyal viewers some benefits for their suppport I’ve had to look for alternative subscription models. After some research, I decided to work with Patreon to provide those to my friends.

Twitch subscriptions are held until content creators reach a certain payout threshold. Half of what you pay for your Twitch subscription does not benefit the people you support. With Patreon, I receive 95% of what you choose to support me with!

My main purpose right now is to get started with Patreon and build a relationship with a reliable subscriber base. When we reach this first goal, I will launch a poll in which all patrons get to vote for a charity that I will donate $100 to. After reaching the first goal, we can work towards achieving the next! Reaching it will show me some serious commitment from you guys, and I’m prepared to return the favour. When we reach this second goal, I will start an Instagram page and regularly post pictures and videos. This will provide you with a rare glimpse into my private life, something I’ve been pretty guarded with throughout the years.

  • You get to feel awesome for showing your support!
  • Your name is listed forever on a┬áspecial credits page on my website.*
  • Your Patreon name is listed on the events roll on stream.

* You may opt out from this at any time by sending me a message.

  • Special Patron Discord role.
  • Access to an exclusive Patrons only Discord channel.
  • Voting privileges on incidental polls regarding my content.
  • Early access to boss fight videos.

PLUS all of the previous tiers’ benefits.

  • Your name is entered into a raffle that I can use to choose character names etc.
  • Access to monthly Q&A recordings.
  • Personalized postcard for your birthday, or a digital equivalent (message me your preference, the date and email address).

PLUS all of the previous tiers’ benefits.

  • You get to submit questions for the monthly Q&A recordings.
  • I will review your content and support you by auto-hosting your stream on Twitch and endorsing you with an automated shoutout on my Discord.

PLUS all of the previous tiers’ benefits.

After three months of support through this tier:

  • You can claim a meet ‘n greet voucher, which is valid forever and can be used if you ever visit (near) my town.

PLUS all of the previous tiers’ benefits.

Not ready to commit yet? Don’t worry, I still appreciate your friendship a lot, regardless of whether you choose to support me by becoming a patron. You can show your support with a gift via Streamlabs!

Subscriptions are here!