Hi! I'm Lisa and if you are into watching chill gaming livestreams, you'll feel right at home here!

I got started on Youtube in 2012 with a channel that mainly focused on Minecraft content. I loved the creative outlet that I got from the process of recording and editing videos!

Those things are also very time consuming though and after a couple of months, I decided to put the focus on livestreaming.

I've built a small and loyal community through my channels on Twitch and Mixer. I'm still learning a lot, but I love sharing things as I discover them!

Through the content on this website, I connect to the Mixer and Twitch communities. You will find posts about my progress in games, recordings and other game related information to hold you over while I'm not live streaming.

When I'm live, it will show you in the main menu, at the top right. There's also a countdown in the footer down below to give some indication when my next stream is.

I really hope you'll find what you're looking for here. Got any suggestions? Feel free to share them with me. Hope to see you soon!

Come hang out!

Lisa runs a small Discord server where she hangs out with her viewers and friends. It's the first place where news about the stream is announced, so stay in the loop and join us now!


Random things about Lisa

  • Gaming: from Minecraft to Zelda, from Portal to Dark Souls, from Munchkin to D&D, I love playing games. Do you have any tips about good games for me? Please share them with me!
  • Discrimination: whether it is based in prejudice about race, gender, disabilities or anything else, I don't tolerate it in any way. I go out of my way to avoid offending others and I hold others to that same standard.
  • Otters! I love these playful creatures so much that I have adopted them into my online identity. Have you read the random otter facts on my stream yet?
  • Infosec & FOSS: this stands for 'Information security and open source software'. I'm a total nerd online and offline. Check out the best beginners guide on email encryption I've ever read!
  • Sincerity: this is a big one for me, I enjoy sharing myself as genuinely as possible with my audience, even if it results in cringing, derping or failing something.

  • Cat: Zwieber has made it his job to get in my face during streams and enjoys naps between my arms on my desk. In the picture to the right you can also still see my grumpy old man, Jozef, who unfortunately passed away in January 2020.
  • Privacy: I'm very big on being a privacy advocate, which is also part of the reason why I don't use a webcam. I've gotten politically active in the past with a focus on this topic specifically.
  • Hard Mode: when given the choice, I will usually play games the easiest way possible. I like focusing on exploration, lore and my community. Maybe you'll pick up a few cheesy tricks from me!
  • Seafood: I said I like otters, not that I am one! No fish, shellfish, seaweed or other food that comes from the water for me. No sushi, no fried fish, none of that is appealing to me. Yuck!
  • Mental health: I have been diagnosed with cPTSD and ADHD and have been privileged to be able to work on finding my footing after a burnout in 2017. It is important to me to be open and upfront about my struggles because I think representation matters. Feel free to ask me questions about it any time!