I'm appreciative of anyone showing an interest in the things I do and I am nothing without the people who choose to be a part of my community. We share our lives on Discord, we hang out on Twitch and Mixer together, I've received gifts and some have even agreed to dedicate themselves to helping me moderate and manage my channels.

An extra special thank you goes to those that have chosen to take it up a step and support me by becoming Patrons. Your kindness means the world to me and I am humbled by your generosity. Your commitment inspires, encourages and motivates me more than I could begin to express.

Thank you, BigSamiAbs, David, Lord Afro, Nick, Bru and babysteps! ♡

Be part of the community

Lisa runs a small Discord server where she interacts with her viewers and friends. It's the first place where news about the stream is announced, so stay in the loop and join now!