Dark Souls III is the third part in a trilogy of Dark Souls games and continues its tradition of excellent continuous open world level design and an unforgiving learning curve. Like its two previous iterations, it focuses on single player mode in which some multiplayer elements are always present. Players can send each other messages in the form of orange glowing script on the ground, they may summon each other for help and can invade each other's worlds for an element of pvp.

After Dark Souls II, which was directed by a different team than the other two games, the Dark Souls III story returns to something structurally a little more like the first game, with the world a little more connected. For this reason, I have decided to play the games out of order.

Souls games stories are often hidden in item descriptions, npc dialogue and cutscenes.

"I like for people to discover the world themselves. Having said that, I will say that the storyline is based around the Lord of Cinders, and the player acts as the dark hero who hunts them down. There was also a fire succeeded by a legendary lord from the past to the present. It’s like the grand finale of the story around the Lord of Cinders. The original Dark Souls was about killing gods, that was one of its themes. The third game is about the kings that succeeded the power of those gods. The play is basically trying to kill those kings."

-- Hidetaka Miyazaki, From Software president

After having finished my (mostly) blind playthrough of Dark Souls, I've started playing through Dark Souls III in much the same manner, starting from August 2018. The platform I play on is Xbox One, which is fed into a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K capture card on my Debian Linux PC. That source is captured by OBS, broadcast to Mixer and then referred to Twitch via Streamex. After finishing Dark Souls III, I plan on playing Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, Demons' Souls and Sekiro, probably in that order.

"Playing blind means walking into the void. Every door, every corner, every dark space fills your heart with a sense of dread. It brings out our most primal fears."

-- LordAfro241, Soulsborne challenge runner

My playthroughs are generally done with as few spoilers as possible in terms of (boss) fight tactics, although when I get stuck or discouraged and ask specifically, I do appreciate tips and hints from the community very much. It's just so satisfying to figure things out on my own! Want to help, because I'm missing something, but you're not sure whether it's too spoilery? Most of my mods have played the game and will know what you mean, so run it by them to make sure.

I strongly recommend watching my streams on Mixer, for the lowest amount of latency and the most stable viewing experience. Make sure to follow my progress on this game every weekend!

Developer: FromSoftware, inc.
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Released: 24 March, 2016
Genre: Action role-playing