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Field journal

I checked a few boxes off my wishlist by creating a vintage field journal theme with gold leaf details.


June marks the start of summer for me, so I wanted a theme that reminds me of that. The sweet freshness of citrus fruits fits the bill!


With May being my birthday month, I figured it was time to host a little party in my journal. 🎉


Spring has arrived and I’m celebrating with a pink theme full of cute animals, painted in watercolour.


Green cacti with colourful flowers are what March’s theme is all about.


I was inspired to continue the brown aesthetic with a coffee theme for February.

We go BIG in 2024

I bought a new journal, that is bigger, to start off the new year with.


Considering how happy and engaged I feel when I’m creating art, I decided to dedicate an entire month to it.


Ironically I chose to use exactly ZERO watercolours for my brand new watercolour bullet journal. Instead I chose to go with a minimalist theme.

New Journal

I’ve been struggling with trying to decorate my journal in watercolour paint on cheap paper, so I bought a new journal.


The theme for August 2023 is Delftware (or: ‘Delft blue’ as it’s called in Dutch), which is a very traditional Dutch art style in blue monochrome.


July was the first month that I added a little quote to my title page. It’s a bit hard to read, but it says: “Even busy bees stop to smell the roses.”


New year, new journal, new me! The summer mood inspired me to make my first theme very cheerful and what better way to represent summer than strawberries?

Bullet Journal

I’m creating a bullet journal to track and document some things, as well as create opportunities for myself to be inspired to make art.

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